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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

- THE GOOD & PLENTY - OFFICIAL PROMO VIDEO !!! from Rag Kings on Vimeo.

It's Coming... "Under Pressure"

Supras' Red Carpet Treatment

Introducing the Red Carpet Series from Supra. This release sees four classic models dressed up in black satin-finish TUF leather.
Forever a Supra fan, I'm going to cop, just havent decided on which one yet. I will however rule out the Society joints.
All that extra elaborate business on my zaputos isnt entirely necessary, so I'll roll with one of the other 4.
Ladies, if you so happen to pass by SoHipitHurts, ask for my dude Taylor, & pick up one of these for me.
Muchos Gracias mami. LolSkytopSocietyThunderVaider

Lloyd Banks - Big Bully

"N*ggas they say the best, I moonwalk on 'em..."

The Punch Line King cooks up a video for (in my opinion)the 4th best song on the V5 Mixtape. Video directed by 50 Cent shows that all you need to make a video is some strobe lights & your local high school's hallway.

Thank goodness Bank$ delivers on this, it makes me forget how poor the video is.

"Keep your mouth shut & your doors locked,
Cause speakers go home in a long box

Jeremy Scott & Boney Feet

Jeremy Scott, the designer behind these Flintstone inspired heels saw his pieces on display by the Pussycat Dolls’ Melody Thornton. These joints retail for approx $500. A more playful piece for women, I'm wondering, ladies, where & when would you rock it?

Monday, March 29, 2010

- THE GOOD & PLENTY - OFFICIAL PROMO VIDEO !!! from Rag Kings on Vimeo.

"Good Music & Plenty of It...Good People, Good Vibes, Good Friday"

Good Friday April 2nd, 2010
Venue: Revival - 783 College Street West (at Shaw)

The Official Birthday Extravaganza of
Juice (Kamakacci)
Dj John J (Shadyville)
Redway, Cosmo Kamakacci, Teezy, Cheech N Chong H & all other Aries & More!

DJ JOHN J (Shadyville)
FUTURE DA PRINCE (Drake's Official DJ)
ILL KIDZ (2009 Stylus DJ's of The Year)
LEGACY (P.Reign's Official DJ's)


- Special Guest Apparences -
Big Page
Rich Kidd
Blake Carington
WolF J McFarlane
Luu Breeze
Mista Bourne
Cosmo Kamakacci

(No Hats / Baggy Clothes)

$15 Advanced Tickets
$20 At The Door
No Guestlist |

Kamakacci/TalkofToronto : 647-333-5262
Brooklyn Ent: 647-966-9451
Highclass Corp: 647-283-9316
Barcode Marketing: 416-908-7925
Stars N Stripes Ent: 647-985-7827

@Kamakacci @TalkofToronto @Kamakacci_Juice @JohnJMusic @Breazie

Advanced Tickets Available At:

BroadWay Fashions (SQ1 Mall)

DMR Mens HairStudio (Hurontario & Dundas)

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Erykah Badu - Window Seat

Dope song. Great video.

From Ms. Badu's Twitter Page:

"#windowseat was shot guerilla style, no crew , 1 take , no closed set , no warning , 2 min . , don town dallas , then ran like hell…"

"We only had 1 shot to get it right. We didn’t plan the shot. Coodie and I just went raw dog. Too busy looking for cops and being petrified."

- Erykah Badu

I've just re-up'd the video cause Universal Music Group is trying to shut the leaking of the video down.
I had to say this. Forget the video, her booty is bountiful & all... but this song really is FLAMESSSS. I reeeeally enjoy this song. Thouroughly. *clicks repeat*

It must burn...

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Usher - Little Freak (ft. Nikki Minaj)

I fuxx with this joint.
It'll be on repeat this weekend during AM Activities.

Public School Empress Jacket

Speaking of my school days in the below post, New York design group Public School released this leather jacket seen here on songwriter and recording artist The Dream. The black Public School Empress Jacket (approx $800), features leather buttons & zipper details.

Throwback Thursday: Safety's off The Toaster, Shadow By The Moonlight

Hazy vision, smoke enters & escapes my lungs. Crown Royal on chase, ever.
Feet up, shorty under my right arm. Fresh into the new millenium...settling in comfortably; my 2nd year of high school.

My boy Starang high off me allowing him to wild out & sing the lyrics generously to Jay-Z "N*gga What, N*gga Who" violently jumps about rapping every word in attempts to impress my girlfriend's 3 friends. I decide to change up the flow a little bit, & insert a CD my boy Tune had made me. First track, Louis Logic - Factotum. To this day, still a favourite joint.
The track that followed? It grabbed me by the intangibles. I didn't want to breathe, blink, move.
Coolie High.
Whatever I thought it meant at the time, the title encompassed my mood. I needed to take this in.
That Sonny Cheeba & Geechi Suede single immediately becoming a staple in all playlists from then on, fueled my tireless search for the full album, "Uptown Saturday Night". HMV, Music World, Sunrise...they all let me down. Internets wasnt poppin' like that for me, so finding the album front to back was an inaccesible oppurtunity for more audio contraband.
The bounce I got from Luchini, comparable only to the aforementioned Hov joint, was welcomed; but Sparkle was the only joint that could match the feeling of my Coolie High.
These Bronx dudes had something melodic I needed.

Much bigger than credit given, they were The Great Bronx Hype making their 1996 debut on The Great White Hype Soundtrack.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

K.I.S.S. - "Keep it Smooth & Simple"

This Friday March 26th, Barcode Marketing, RenegadeSquadEnt.Com, Brat Pak and Kamakacci Re-Introduce...

K.I.S.S. - "Keep it Smooth & Simple"

Empire Lounge - 50 Cumberland
[ 2 Floors || Heated Smoking Patio || Booths and Bottle Service ]

Music By:
DJ P-Plus [Flow 93.5 FM || The Originals || 2000 Till ||]
Renegade Squad [Canada's Future || Blueberry Bashment || Reggae Cafe || ]
Lissa Monet [2009 Stylus Female DJ of the Year ||]
DJ Spoonz [Generation NEXT || Photogenic || Mood Music ||]
2 Floors of Music, 2 Different Vibes

LADIES FREE before 11pm. $10 Gueslist before 12am - SIMPLE !
For Info/Guestlist/Birthdays/ Booths and Bottle packages:
Kamakacci: 647-333-5262 / @Kamakacci
RenegadeSquadEnt: 416-419-4891 / / @renegadesquad
Barcode Marketing: / @corwinmiller
Brat Pak: 416-684-7592 /

K.I.S.S. - Keep it Smooth & Simple !

Monday, March 22, 2010

Drake x Spring Break

Looks like he put his heart in that performance. Heartfelt music.

I'm doing me.

Law Abiding Citizen? Probably Not.

About 90 Miles south of Los Angeles, Police Officers are really fearing for their lives, as booby traps are being set up at gates, under their undercover cars, even at their division headquarters.
Looking literally like a scene out of my pick for best '09 film, "Law Abiding Citizen", these traps the dudes are setting are meant to do much more than intimidate.
There is currently a $200,000 reward for information leading to an arrest & conviction.

Notable Quotable: "With that kind of money, in that kind of neighbourhood, we'll have somebody in cuffs pretty soon."

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Pac Div x Cool Kids - Shut Up

Simplisitic Beat Killers, The Cool Kids link up with Pacific Division to create these visuals for their latest, "Shut Up" joint. You can see homie starting at the 1:02 mark wearing my fav winter coat of this past winter that I can think of, The Triple Fat Goose collab with Play Cloths, as seen here.

Pac Div is nice, I should have listened to my partner in crime Mr. Da'niro a lot sooner.

VESTicular Homicide: Pharrell x Moncler Pt. II

Pharrell links up with Moncler again to make an ill reversible vest.
I'm not gonna say much, except, I want it.

Throwback Thursday: Diddy Bop Pt. II

Closed a deal, earned a sizable stack today. Feels good.
When I feel good, I have the urge to get Jiggy. Who better to assist than Diddy Puff Daddy?
Watching this video that features that baaad shorty in the bed & uhh...Loon, made me realize Mr. Shiny Suit Man can't let noooobody least not solo.
If you're planning on being a BadBoy artist, & you want some sort of longevity, you must understand the simple rule that Mr. Combs is your boss, investor & competition. How many scenes of this vid is dude in?
Maybe he should take the Akon - Lady Gaga route & fall the eff back completely. Maybe people would give a **** about (insert BadBoy Artist here, like Cassie, Dirty Money, Janell Monae, etc) if you weren't hogging the spotlight. Don't remember him doing it?
Him really believing he's a talented dancer is rubbing off on me, as I'm staring at this knot of reds with a splash of a few greens; bouncing my shoulders uncontrollably.
Ima probably Diddy Bop until I'm out of $$$$ from socks, Henny & cheap thrills.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Kid Famous - I Wanna Know Your Name (SUPERVICE REMIX)

Great cameos, from the night that was Jeni from Flow93.5's website release party. The vibe was amazing that night, & had an all star line up of attendees, as you can clearly see in this video. Damn near every rapper in the GTA was in the building.
Look out for this joint to get heavy spins on your radio station, & if I don’t see MuchMusic picking it up, I'm picketing.
Shouts to Breazie for convincing me to go out on a Wednesday night, it was Networking 101.
I remember meeting Famous formally that night, him performing, but there's a lot after that I don’t remember.
Shouts to Dr. Claw for my late X-Mas gift.
She bought me the bar.

No stairs were injured that night.

Lifestyle Branding: BAPE

Another push into the foray of Lifestyle products and branding, BAPE has recently release chopsticks.

Chopsticks, man.
Nuff Said.

Slapdash Files: Epic Failure

To all the lovely ladies that say n*ggas are single not on their own accord, but because they dont kneel to cats; I present to you...

Your Knight In Shining Armour.

Enjoy Idiots.

Tu like Two; Pac like Pockets

Although long gone, a mainstay in my cd changer: Tupac Shakur, appears in this video interview from MTV that was never aired, circa 1992.
As you'll see, he goes deep into politics & equality, his personal memories of Christmas, & the lack of a father.
I think some of us can relate to morsels of his experiences or ideals, in one way or another.

I know I can.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Lloyd Banks - Beamer Benz or Bentley (ft. J.Santana)

Find more videos like this on
Not really gonna comment on this video, but here's a little insight.
I only have about 4-5 things to say.

The women in this video are bananas.
Banks' diagonal bubble down vest is retarded. I want it.
Juelz is far too excited, must be recalling the feeling of being on a hit song.
The women in this video are bananas.

That is all.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Joell Ortiz x Jim Jones: Nissan, Honda, Chevy

If Joell Ortiz didn't come SO proper on this, I would be ripping this to pieces.
Since when do n*ggas take other n*ggas songs, and RUN with them? *ahem*ROSCOE DASH*ahem*
Oh yea... since 50 remixed everyone circa 2002 & prior and sounded better. Damn.

Regardless, Lloyd Banks' orginal "Beamer Benz or Bentley" sh*ts on this version.
Stay tuned for those visuals.

Today's Special: Patton Pending.

Spent damn near all day Saturday with my homegirl CeeCee Bolton, & she got a message from her "dude" asking "What wouldn't I do for you?"
Over a lavish dinner at Montfort's Oakville location that included Calamari, Coconut Shrimp & Mediterraian Chicken Salad, she asked me the question, as in, 'how should I answer him?'
As the reigning King of Deflection, I answered to her, "Jump infront of a speeding bus".
Dude responded, "Good to know you have a sense of humour".
I say that to say this:
Paula Patton is damn near perfect, & has been with Robin Thicke for quite some time. After hearing about his performance & finally seeing footage of his "dance moves" at the Alicia Keys concert, it makes me wonder.

How in the EFF did he bag this chick?This begs the question: What wouldn't I do for Paula Patton?

Well for starters, I would not prance about stage night in, night out, all over North America, like a flaming sodomite.

The End.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Style By Drew - PULSE (Pt. II)

Took me a couple seconds to get into it, but when I did... Captivating .
Get familiar with this dude, Style.By.Drew.
Do so here & here.

Jay-Z at Ceremony for Brooklyn's Barclay Center

New home for the New Jersey Nets...ahem... I mean the Brooklyn Nets.BROOOOOOOOOKLYN.

Slapdash Files: Apocalypse Now, or in a Few...

I love Chinese people. I got a lot of 'em as friends, but sometimes I have a hard time buying into all the fables and fallacies they adopt & beleive in. From Godzilla to Mothra to Dungeons & Dragons...alright, I got carried away. The above video is a spotlight on the Oarfish, a massive toothless monstrosity, whose body stretches approx 15meters. First sighted of the coast of Bermuda in 1860, these dudes kick it out of sight, dwelling approximately 1000 feet below water level. It is immensely rare to see them, as the only live one caught on camera was in California in the video above.
Why am I posting about Chinese "Sea Serpents"? Well, since November 2009, almost 20 have washed up on the shore of Japan, spooking the hell outta my vertically challenged brethren. Legend has it that whenever this starts happening, it means there is massive earthquakes on the way. This makes sense, cause think about if underwater volcanoes are poppin' off thousands of feet below sea level, all that seismic activity would disrupt their habitat. The Japanese are spooked because seismic activity is most prevalent in their country. Too many signs indicating destruction & demise on the horizon.
I need copious amounts of food & water, 3 bad b*tches for my rotation, & a spaceship so I can be Swayze before sh*t hits the fan on this planet.

Ladies, apply within the comments section...

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Throwback Thursday: A B.I.G. Warning

It's only right to throwback to the once King of N.Y. for his anniversary week. This classic cut, "Warning" is every d-boys theme song.
Not finding videos of my top 5 Biggie tunes, I'm just gonna list em, no order...but kinda. Dont judge me.

Machine Gun Funk
Story To Tell
Everyday Struggle
Dangerous MC's
I Love The Dough
(Honourable Mention)Bless me with some of your fav BIG joints.

Rich Kidd Opening for The Clipse @ Circa Clipse w/Rich Kidd @ CIRCA (Live Performance) from Ro'Shine on Vimeo.

This past Sunday, March 7th 2010, The Clipse came to The Dot for a concert held at Circa, & had their show opened up by our extedned Kama Familia, Rich Kidd from Ridgeway.
Great footage from TOFLO shows Rich Kidd doing what he does best, what I've seen him do countless times... Emcee Means Move The Crowd.

"Soaring To Heaven" is Timeless.
Hometown Heat.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Do The Knowledge: Masons & Illuminati

The Masonic symbol located on Red - Man's fitted.
Doesn't get more brazen than that.

Don't get it? Look here & Do The Knowledge.

Invisible Bully 03.09.10., Brooklyn, USA.

Event looked poppin, RIP Notorious BIG. Some pics are below.

The Hundreds: Snap Back Edition

I got a thing for snapback hats as of late.
Late, being last summer. I would only wear them in the summer, when my hair aint out & i'm feeling like having the wind blow against my forehead. Ummm...yea.
I'm feeling these styles; they mimic standard colourways of your favourite professional teams. Name 'em all, if you got time.
I don't.
What I do have tho, is an itching to get back in the Snapback game... I should holla at Ragking's very own Landlordd to hook me up.As you can see, no stranger to the Snapback.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Statik Selektah & Saigon in Europe

I'm a BIG fan of Statik Selektah. Yea, his name is "different" but the joints he consistently puts out are flamessss.
I hopped on the trolley late, but am well familiar with his last offering "Stick To The Script" & the new album he released, called "100 Proof: The Hangover". With features from real lyricists (Royce Da 5'9", Talib Kweli, Termanology, Kool G Rap, Styles P etc.) over arguably the best sampled beats, the formula is definitely 100 Proof.
Above is footage of him & Saigon in many places, one being Oslo, Norway performing for a packed venue. The Yardfather aka Joespehine's Son makes appearances on both mentioned Statik albums, but the gems to look out for on 100 Proof Album include "Come Around" & "Thrill Is Gone".
Peep it below:
I'm convinced, Royce Da 5'9" is one of the VERY BEST to do it...ever.

Shout out to Notorious BIG, who is sampled on the hook.
REST IN PEACE Christopher Wallace on this 13th Anniversary of your life & contributions to the game.

"Don't worry about Brooklyn I'll continue the flame,
Therefore a world with Amnesia wont forget the name...

Monday, March 8, 2010

Music Monday: Reflection Eternal

Reflection Eternal. Nuff said, right?
This joint, "In This World" is eerily soulful, & dunks the alley-oop Hova sent Kweli however long ago.
Shout out to Hi-Tek for the meeean sample game & staying in his red Cincinnati fitted.
Put on for your city.

Pay attention, & get ready for the album, Revolutions Per Minute. April 6th, 2010.
Don't miss it. Real hip-hop.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

**NEW** Drake - Over

No need for an intro.
Hometown Heat, debut held tonight just over an hour ago on Toronto's own Flow 93.5.
Take a listen, take a download, do what you please, just do it here.

Shout out Mr. Graham.
I'm doing me...

Grimace Love - GRIMSTONE

Grimace Love - "Grimstone" from Andre Rehal on Vimeo.

Been a fan of this guy & the Mighty Monolith for a minute. Hometown Heat in rare form.
My dude Grimace Love has released a new track produced by Black Kat of IRS, & video seen above, directed by Andre Rehal.
This classic cut is called "Grimstone" and is off his latest album “Perception” available HERE!

Monolith crew in full cameo effect!

Throwback Thursday: If NikkiOH! Calls...

So myself & new favourite feminine, & ally in fly, NikkiOH!, were going back & forth the other day over twitter. We uncovered our shared love for music from the resting West Coast Giant, Tupac Shakur. I asked her what her fav 3 joints from Pac were, after she blew me away when her post said "#nowplaying Tupac - If My Homies Call".
I think this joint is flamessss and proceeded to be more than intrigued when she mentioned her fav 3 joints from Pac which included "Dear Mama", "If My Homie Calls", "So Much Pain", & "Bury Me A G". Regardless if she can count or not, her list was stellar, & compared well to my top 3 ("So Much Pain", "Bury Me A G", "Temptations"). Our lists were eerily similar, like she read my mind over twitter.
Anyhow, this post is a shout to her, & our mutual love for the career & music that Tupac graced us here before leaving at the premature age of 25.

If you see me in the club, my dance is similar to that at the 1:23, 1:27 & 1:32 mark, Beleedat.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Catch Up w/ Kamakacci Crewneck Sweater PreRelease

You bought a Canada Goose Jacket this winter season, didn't you?
How do you redeem yourself from being so behind?

Stay ahead of the curve with the Kamakacci Crewneck Sweater PreRelease.
$45 can get you into 1 of 8 different colourways, sizes from Small to XXLarge!

To order, call Kamakacci Juice at 647 333 KAMA(5262) right now!

shoutout to Julia Sapherstyn of MizzUnderstood Photography for the photo.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Kid Famous - I Wanna Know Your Name (REMIX)

Here is the OFFICIAL REMIX for "I Wanna Know Your Name" feat. Oh! (produced by Supervice)!
The Kid Famous decided to take it to the club with this one & the feedback has been great thus far. Shout out to the DJs who have already been showing love!
Download that heat here:
Famous - I Wanna Know Your Name feat. Oh! (Supervice Remix)

Be on the lookout for the Official Video Coming March 16th!
Here's some stills from the video:And if you missed it last week...[Lost Scene] Famous - Goddess Girl: The Movie
Don't sleep on Homegrown Talent, follow The Kid Famous on twitter at @thekidfamous for all the instant updates!
Check out all there is to know about the Goddess Girl Movie:

Monday, March 1, 2010

Guru in Coma After Heart Attack

"It's not what they think, it's what you can live with!!!!!"Guru in coma after heart attack

One of hip-hop's most celebrated MCs is reportedly in a coma after suffering a cardiac arrest

Rapper Guru is reported to be in a coma after suffering a heart attack yesterday (Sunday 28 February). The 43-year-old is set to undergo surgery today at a hospital in New York.

The rapper's condition was confirmed by DJ Premier, his partner in the seminal hip-hop group Gang Starr, in a phonecall to radio show Hip Hop Nation yesterday. He is reported as ssaying: "Guru is in a coma and will go under surgery tomorrow afternoon."

Guru, born Keith Alam, rose to prominence as an MC in the 80s. Known for his distinctive voice and intelligent rhymes, he released a string of hits with Gang Starr, including Words I Manifest, Just to Get Rep and Full Clip.The duo were reportedly on indefinite hiatus after 2003 album The Ownerz, with Guru and DJ Premier giving conflicting messages about their future. However, Guru recently hinted on Twitter that he and DJ Premier were set to release new Gang Starr material imminently.

Guru is best known for his work on Jazzmatazz, a hip-hop and jazz fusion project that has yielded four albums and numerous tours. The group's booking agent confirmed that a number of forthcoming Jazzmatazz live dates have now been put on hold.


Here's amazing Gangstarr jewel, "Royalty" featuring K-Ci & Jojo. Observe & Appreciate.