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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Kanye West x Goyard = Robot Face Backpack

Feeling like I've done more than a few celeb clothing collab posts, I stumbled across another one worth mentioning.
Kanye, making his rounds heavy in Paris, passed through French high end accessory maker Goyard to pick up the Robot Face Backpack he partnered with them for.
Pockets designed to resemble the robot face have the classic Goyard chevrons (Y) print with a K at the bottom with a star.
Regular Goyard bags can cost up to approx $2500...I wonder whats the tag on this.
...whoaaaa @ channelling MC Ricky D with the ring game.

Potentially, Death Row's Waviest

Here's Ashford Thompson, a disgrunted accused cop killer who is having a hard time in jail, pun intended.
Thompson's been running through lawyers and his complaints of getting harrassed in the bin (obv eluding to police brutality) are enough for him to request early execution.
At the end of his rope, that where he feels he is, with ocean like waves in his head, & tears streaming down his face.

I'M BACK!!!!


Not only have I had negative no time because of school, work and the gym, I forgot my password :S

I am back now and here to stay :)

Stay tuned!!!


Kay Kama

Friday, January 29, 2010

Gucci Mane - Lemonade

I know... I know, & I apologize, for reeeeal.
I swear I'm a real rap n*gga. I really do love good quality music.
I'm aware...this aint it; Brick Squad aint it. *shakes head*
But hold up... I'm allowed to like sub-par sh*t every now & again, no?
Everyone else seems to be running around saying "BURRRRR" when we in the middle of winter with Toronto boasting above zero degree temperatures!
I digress... I think this song KNOCKS. Thank you Bangledesh for the beat, with the harmonous children singing:

Lemon on the Chain with the V Cuts
Lemon in the Shade with my feet up
Lemon pepper wings with my freeze cup
Lemons in the face watch 'em freeze up


I feel dirty for posting this.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Fabolous - Imma Do It (Ft. Kobe)

Latest video from a top 10 pick for album of the year, Fabolous' Loso's Way featuring Kobe.

No...not that Kobe.
Also, shouts out to Fabolous for getting his first Grammy Nomination for the Jay-Z American Gangster throw-away-joint "When The Money Goes"

Instant Vintage Kr3w 2010 Footwear

Kr3w turned it up several degrees for the 2010 "Franklin" series footwear seen above & below. The Franklin will be releasing in four colorways for 2010: Black Leather, Brown Leather, Black Suede and Grey Canvas. You can order them at Underworld for me if you'd like, since you ferociously dropped the ball during my Christmas Wish List '09.Along with the "Franklin" release; below is the "Grant-High", "Grant-Low" & "Jackson" in the same Grey Canvas Colourway.
Fresh as F***.

Throwback Thursday: Hey Luv

Horrible date at the movies lastnight; beginning, middle & end. This Mobb Deep throwback joint exemplifies the exact opposite of what I'll be saying to Female X when she asks to go out again.

Holla @ somebody not putting their tongue in yo nose when they kiss you...

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Jay-Z Does Ostrich

Iceberg Slim was recently spotted in Paris carrying a Louis Vuitton Ostrich Skin Backpack ($24,900) from their Spring/Summer 2010 collection. Taking a break from their usual Monogram and Damier patterns, Louis Vuitton introduced new styles and materials, which were incorporated into the backpack design.

The Iciest "King of Pop" Tribute

Above is Chris Brown paying a large monetary homage to the late great, King of Pop, Michael Jackson. With a star above MikeJack's head, the neckpiece is littered in Black Diamonds with Mr. Jackson doing his signature moonwalk.
This piece was made by Gabriel Jacobs, who has also crafted pieces for the likes of Floyd Mayweather, Hulk Hogan, Sean Paul & T-Pain.

Y'all cosign the chain?

The New Apple IPad

"The high-resolution, 9.7 inch LED-backlit, IPS display on iPad is remarkably crisp and vivid. Which makes it perfect for web browsing, watching movies, or showing off photos. The screen is 9.7 inches, measured diagonally. So overall, it’s slightly smaller than a magazine. And at just 1.5 lbs and 0.5 inches thin,1 it’s easy to carry and use anywhere. You can use iPad for up to 10 hours while surfing the web on Wi-Fi, watching videos, or listening to music."

Wifi Version: 16gb-$499 32gb-$599 64gb-$699
3G: 16gb-$629 32gb-$729 64gb-$829
View at Apple.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Eternia Writes Audio Contraband

Residing below the border as of late, the Queen of Toronto hip hop (*daring you to reach for the crown*); Eternia, puts pen to pad over an Audible Doctor beat.
With me liking raspy voices of rappers, the likes of Young Jeezy & Yo Gotti, this fiery female version delivers, with relevant content to match.
Funny to hear her wit when addressing her "lifting" of the beat... sounds way too much like J.Kaya.

D. Drizzy Rodgers x Complex Mag

The Dot's current Hometown Hero, Aubery Drake Graham is seen here chopping it up with Complex Magazine.
Here touches on topics such as his cross over appeal, and how his mama's friends dont feel weird listening to his music, but do listening to Lil' Wayne... really?I find the best topic he taps into is the jealousy factor that much people talk about. How Kanye was moulding Cudi, but directing Drizzy videos; how Jay-Z is devolping J.Cole & Wale, but boosting Mr. Rodgers moreso than them.
Valid facts, & he gives valid responses.

Monday, January 25, 2010

My Mind Spray: Faith 'n Perspective

Perspective is a motherf*cker; Faith too.
Who's point of view are you looking through? Some people stand alone, some stand on another's shoulders, some even borrow another's binoculars, as they don't have a POV(point of view) of their own. How do you indentify what's good, what's bad? We're all sinners, meaning things can only get better. You & I can only get better. To believe that, you need faith, no?
I see good on a regular basis, & am well blessed to live amongst 2 of the greatest, most giving people I know; Rawle & Lorna Bobb. My parents.
As I write this(Sunday evening), there is a man sleeping in my basement. He's not there because he thinks my couch is the most comfortable(its not). He's not there because he likes the way the fireplace flames flicker & dance above the kindling, or even for the fiery glow it creates against the walls similar to a disco ball.
He's there cause he has nobody else.
The entrepreneur, with side hustles that had included being the top bodyguard for television's Pastor Pat Francis, is what someone would classify as "down on his luck". A diabetic that has little to nothing to eat on a regular basis, not to mention a mentally paralyzing bout with vertigo is someone who needs help.
A Man of God for many years, some would ask "Why & how could this happen to him?" From my perspective, that question is irrelavant. The fact is that; it has.
My parents do what they can, from adopting a stray cat beginning of '09 to simeltaneously inviting a down syndrome chick to live w/ us as a brief favour to Mississauga's Mayor Hazel Mac. I smile when I think about an evening I was sitting in my living room, the D.Syndrome girl, Catherine, sitting on the other couch pretending to watch TV, but really watching me from the corner of her eye. At the same time, this cat saunters by offering of itself... Well, actually offering the hair that refuses to stay on its body, leaving a trail behind 'em. I remember taking it all in thinking "What the EFF is happening to my home?" Lol
From providing breakfast, lunch & dinner to someone who has been abandoned by anyone and everyone who said they "loved" him, to taking him to the doctor; to getting subsidized housing approved for him come February, my parents have pulled out all the stops on this one. His perspective of ppl was slowly turning negative, which I think prompted him to break down in our basement. He sobbed to BobbDawgs (that's what I call my stepfather), "I have never seen the mercy & will of God so prevelant & blatant in all my years". BobbDawgs was touched.
I'm touched, cause this is my family.Faith & Perspective are mutherfuckers, man. If your perspective is clouded, it's hard to have faith. This foggy region is where I currently reside. I don't trust. I don't people. For f* sakes, my motto is:
"Manage expectations so you're never disappointed"
Along with:
"Born Alone, Die Alone, Build Yourself To Stand On Your Own".
I don't believe anyone is there for you. People are there for themselves, & if you happen to be around, then cool, have a slice. Life is a buffet, get up & get what u want. That's my POV; lifted directly from life experiences.
Faith contradicts what I believe. My parents are contradictions to my beliefs. We're in the same household, but in different worlds.
We look through different binoculars.

I think mine are clouded.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Slapdash Files: Kanye & Amber @ LV Show

Pictures snapped at the Louis Vuitton show during Paris Fashion Week has me shaking my damn head.
I understand attendees are competitve in regards to their outfits, but damn homie.
Although ridiculous, I'm actually not mad at him.
I'm still shaking my head tho...

Throwback Thursday: I Used to Cop Raw Base...

Throwbacks are necessary, let the young bwois know where this ish comes from. Above is Rob Bass & E Z Rock's crew with the iconic song "It Takes Two".
The beat is well relevant, with Snoop Dogg's new rendition being this year's version of "A Millie", with all sorts of rappers jumpin on the joint.
Do the Knowledge & Pay Respect to the Originators.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Clipse - Freedom

Undoubtedly one of the most emotionally driven cuts off of The Clipse's third offering, "Til The Casket Drops".
Fueled from personal experieneces & future situations unforeseen, The Thornton Brothers craft something that raises hair on neckbacks. Yea, I said "neckbacks".
Plenty quotables, but I idnetify most with the theme of brotherhood embedded in their discourse...

"We in the same group, but i dont share my brother's pain,
Not to confuse our sentiments are all the same,
I just dont feel nothin', im numbed by the will to gain..."

"Am I my brother's keeper? For Himself; every man
I have been your Reaper, There's blood on my hand..."

Monday, January 18, 2010

2010 Spring Supra Cuban 1.5

Forever a Supra fan, I'm checking for The Cuban 1.5 to drop for Spring 2010. Mild updates include standard leather laces w/ a pop color chain included in every box. Four colorways will be releasing over the next few months: TUF Black Perf, TUF White Perf, Red Canvas and Grey Canvas. My dude Taylor at So Hip It Hurts knows he's gonna be seeing me for these joints...

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Throwback Thursday: Reflection Eternal

Great two man team, rivaling the greats such as Rakim & Eric B, EPMD, even Pete Rock & CL Smooth lands us here... Reflection Eternal.
The Blast is a timeless track, second in quality only to "Memories Live" in my humble, expert opinion. *Wink*.
Great visuals, great vibe, great music.
Looking forward to what this dynamic duo has in store leads us to "Just Begun". A track with a classic hip hop vibe with excellent features (J.Cole & Mos Def & the man of the hour; Jay Electronica).
Get into it...

Drake NYC NYE Performance


Here is Toronto's Hometeam's Hope performing at his New Year's Eve event in NYC, alongside Weezy & Jeezy.
I posted this because they perform one of my top picks for hardest song of the year.
Go In.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Nike Air Toki

Released last year during the summer, Nike brought forth the Air Toki as a Tier Zero release in two leather perforated color ways. They have a combination of suede & nubuck, & the shoe is self sits on a “Blazer-like” mid sole. This joint retails for approx $115.
Below is the new version, minus the "Zoom" title, which brings cost down. Made from the same materials, this Navy Blue colourway breathes new life into thesee joints, that remind me of my caramel brown Aldo Zaputos.
Niicceeeeeeeee *Fab Voice*

Monday, January 11, 2010

Elusive "Brothers Thornton" Visuals

Apparently I was out to lunch, under a rock or simply sleeping when this Clipse video dropped. Why has no one mentioned this? Really tho? One of the hands down hardest tracks of 2009 with visuals to match is something I was dying for. I bump this tune religiously.
My top 5 hardest tracks of 2009 go to:
Royce 5'9" - Shake This
The Clipse - Doorman
50 Cent - Crimewave
Birdman - Always Strapped (Remix)
Young Jeezy - I'm Goin In "Cocaine bought me everything I ever had,
& I aint never been afraid to spend my very last,
Cause I can get it back
Watch me get it baaaaaack
I make stacks via alternate avenues, yet I live those words...minus the Coke Rap.For good measure, lets add one of the most enjoyable, listenable joints of the year featuring King Jaffe Joe b.k.a. Killa Cam.

Great music being put out, get out & get it.

DJ Wristpect x The Clipse - Bridging The Gap Vol. 4

I spent this weekend with heavy bretheren of the blog, DJ Wristpect & Sir Lancelot. Wristpect blessed me with physcial copies of the joint above...very good look, very official. Been knockin' it in the Jeep ever since.
Hosted by Virigina's own, The Brothers Thornton, b.k.a. The Clipse, please beleive this joint has great features from the two great cities. Showcasing the very best talent & connecting the dots this joint really does justice, Bridging the Gap, Toronto to Virginia.

Download Here.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Levis x Robert Geller For Type III Denim Vest

When I was getting inebriated beyond social acceptability at Breazie's birthday at Budo/Reign Nightclub, I loved Levis. I still love Levis; but unfortunately, so does everyone else now.
Robert Geller got it in & collaborated for Levi’s collection had some really clean pieces. One piece took the cake, which was this Robert Geller Levi’s Type III Denim Vest with sherpa lining sitting at approx $320.
This collared denim vest is exaggerated with ripped & fringed arm holes, front double chest cargo pockets with orange contrast stitching, sherpa lining inside and metal denim style button detailing.
I can't help but think...what would happen if Kamakacci unleashed a Denim Bubble Vest to the world? In blue denim. In black denim.
Like really though... Look below at the vest. Envision it down-filled, perhaps even with a hood.
Aye Yo, Breaz & Juice; Thank Me Later.

Throwback Thursday: Hood Possession

You know those dudes that play some soft sh*t when there are feminines in the whip, but will blast that real G sh*t when the women gone? My oler sister by 5 years had one of those.
Summer 2000.
I was learning more about the A Tribe Called Quest Break Up, & we would bump 1998's "The Love Movement", as well as Erykah Badu's "Bag Lady" from "Mama's Gun" album.
Good times.
My sister's boyfriend, this dude whose name we'll shorten to J would come around. About 5'9", stocky, with light skin & green eyes, he drove a brand new Chrysler Sebring drop top. At the time, the car was hot, the women flocked, & my sister was smitten. Him & I got along well, so well that he would take me around to do runs with him, without my sis.
Somehow I was permitted to kick it with dude who was at least 7 years older than me, taking trips to hoods like Reagent Park & Jungle; Oakwood on the Eglinton strip in specific. Dude knew everyone.
From birds on his jock, to Street Pharmacists begging him to do "business" with them, they all showed love & respect. But someone has to hate, right?
It was a hot & hazy Monday night; I remember, because we wanted to get back in time to watch wrestling (Monday Night Raw!!) & he was making a drop off around Oakwood, on the Vaughn strip.
I stayed in the whip, & he took the briefcase out to the stoop were a 3 dudes were chatting.
He says what up.
They politic.
Something goes wrong.
2 of the dudes run in the house, covering their heads, while the main guy raises his voice and reaches for J’s neck. One swift motion had the dude face down, taking gun butts to the back of the skull, via J’s taekwondo background, believe it or not.
Just like in a movie, after assaulting his victim, J gets up, & glares at the mini crowd that’s gathered on the other side of the street, briefcase still in hand. He pauses, & lets off a shot in the air. I JUMP in my seat.
He calmly walks back to the vehicle, wipes the blood off his hands with a rag he kept in the trunk, where he placed the briefcase.
We peel out of the neighbourhood bumping MC Eiht & Mack 10 & Technic – “The Hood Is Mine”.
Ever since that day, “I been dying to rep that side”. "Throw a bullet & make you a receiver & I'll L-B-C ya..."

Marcus Troy x Nike Bespoke for Air Force 1s

The 2000s was the decade for the hugely popular Air Force 1 shoe, due to heavy hits from Nelly, and most recently Young Jeezy. With the shoe facing over exposure, Nike intends to make a comeback with something fresh.
Enter in popular Canadian urban fashion blogger Marcus Troy.
Marcus Troy who is known for product reviews and personal insight, got with Nike to design his own exclusive pair of Nike Air Force 1’s Sportswear Bespoke collaboration sneaker.
The NikeiD Bespoke is a new design experience where the consumer works with a Nike design consultant in order to create their very own shoe. This carefully designed shoe features premium leather, suede, patent leather, Kevelar, waterproof denim Loopwheeler cotton lining and grey waxed laces.
The Marcus Troy x Nike Bespoke Air Force 1 sneaker is approx $800

Monday, January 4, 2010

Jay-Z ft. Swizz Beatz - On To The Next One

Below is Iceberg Slim's new video for "On To The Next One" featuring Swizz Beatz. Released right before midnight to usher in the new decade, followed by a performnace in NY, there was quite the buzz around this release. I remember when the album 1st dropped, this alongside "Reminder" was everyone's least favourite. How things have changed. Birds love this song.
I'm sure you've heard by now, all the hoopla surrounding this record in reference to evil rituals and praise. What do you think?
Is Hovi playing with the Devil, or is he simply playing the game right, feeding into the chatter that gets all y'alls knickers in a knot?
Think about it.

My Mind Spray: Keep It One Hun'ned

New Year 2010 = Back to Work.
It's like that first day back to our regularly scheduled programming smacks me with a little dose of reality, makes me put things in perspective.
I have breezed through the holidays with reckless abandon & here I am, back at the office wondering where the time went. Between securing deadlines & making new deals for 2010 with some excellent partners, it makes me analyze where am I now, & where am I going. More importantly as of late, who is coming with.
"Ex Sendin Latenight Txts Cause She Don't Know How To Let Go,Go,Go..."
Yesterday I went to Scarborough to a music studio w/ 1 of my homegirls, all in the name of checking out this new producer she may work with. She's an amazing chick & is damn near the female equivalent of me, therefore she's the sh*t. More importantly, I actually respect her mind more than her curves. She's synonymous with Pigs that Fly, Rare. Regardless, dude wants her to be a part of his label, make music & such. After the less than exhilerating pitch, on the way back, her & I got to talking, when the topic of "us" came up, as it normally does.
I dont mind talking about "us". I def dont mind kicking it with her. Should I mind that she has a man? Should I not worry myself with her attachments & do what I'd like? I thought about it after I left, because I've initiated actions that disrespect her situation.
I'm torn.
"My girl got a girlfriend..."
I've known this one girl for years, over a decade, however we've failed miserably at staying in touch. She's a respectable chick, pretty, has gotten it in previously w/ ZiggaZagga. I bump into her now & again, sometimes shes working the event, sometimes she's a patron. She's got a friend that I met virally, & only met in person within the last few months. She's a very dope chick too; straight up, no holds barred. Sometimes its a bit much to handle, but I manage. One has the immediate draw & attraction inside & out, but I dont know much about her anymore. The other I spend more time with & could grow to appreciate, she's a good woman, & is well rounded. Decisions...I strongly believe that you don't lose women chasing money, but you lose money and sometimes sight of your priorities chasing women. That's what the picture means to me. I think, therefore I am single. Real talk.
My homegirl from LA, just moved to NY, & she's on my ass about my female companions. This is what made me consider it in a serious fashion. Her being a chick from my past, (circa '97) she knows me, & is steady tryna find out who I'm with to get a better understanding of who I am today, as she says my surroundings should accurately reflect my being, who I am.
Do I not know myself because I don't know who I am with?
As my mind spray, I'm torn...still.