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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Throwback Thursday: Mike Jack RIP Edition.

I'm still f*cked up about his passing.
This video title is real B, they don't really care about you... not until you're gone at least.
Kanye said "they don't give the flowers while you can still smell them" on Big Brother
Realest shit he ever spoke.
I cant really focus on anything else.

Shout out to Farrah Facett too, RIP to one of Charlie's Original Angels.

Michael Jackson.

We here @ Kamakacci want to express our deep sorrow and regret to inform y'all that the King of Pop, Mr. Michael Jackson has passed away. A clip from CNN is as follows:

"Entertainer Michael Jackson has died after being taken to a hospital on Thursday after suffering cardiac arrest, according to multiple reports including the Los Angeles Times and the Associated Press. CNN has not confirmed his death. Jackson, 50, had been in a coma at the hospital, sources told CNN"

It hasnt been confirmed, but it is ALL over the news right now.
If he's not dead, this is the meanest publicity stunt ever.
If he is, may God Bless his Soul, & protect his family from the heartache that goes hand in hand with losing someone dear to you.

Personally, I am shocked, & deeply saddend.
The dude was not perfect, nor he was very normal, but the torment he endured at the hands of the media, and public could have only assisted in his deteriorating health & mental conditions.

His obsessions with Peter Pan & children, the thought of everlasting youth, is something that people could not identify with, and eventually alienated him as he grew older.

What upsets me the most, is the legalities he was embroiled in as of recent. The issues with the Jackson 5 tour that he got pressured into doing because he signed a contract and tried to reneg - the training he was receiving to get in shape for the 50 stop tour - I'm sure all theese factors had an effect on him in his last days.

Mike Jack is a trailblazer. Without Heal The World there would be no LiveAid. Moonwalking wouldnt be so sensationalized. He put being Black on the map, long before Oprah, making it necessary for MTV to play black artists.

People of today have a distorted image, and young people may only know him for the scandals that clouded his latter years.
Pleasebeleevit, the man fathered your style, one way or another.
When it came to music for black, white, yellow & brown, he was The Essential.

Rest In Peace Michael Jackson, of Gary Indianna 1958 - 2009.

Rick Ross - Yacht Club (Remix) ft. Triple C's

Besides "Rich Off Cocaine", this the next best thing smokin' off that Deeper Than Rap album.
People been hating, & I love it.
Continue to make hits Officer Rick, & ride beats better than half these n*ggas in the game. His pen game may not be strong, nor his credibility @ this point, but all he can literally do is; what he is currently doing.

Making hits.

Catch the flip @ the end by know that hurt.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Throwback Thursday: Calm & Coolie

I'm in a smooth, lounge type mode right now, word to 155 John St.
Camp Lo Classic.

Similar to the below mentioned Zaputos, Get Acquainted.

Foot Crack.

Post success of their conquest of Court Footwear Domination Jordan decided to direct their attention elsewhere, since the majority of those wearing Js are never on the court.
Their brand has evolved into a luxury brand of casual shoe.
These units, the Campus Chukka Shoe give you the name, with affordable cost, without compromising style. Some J fanatics will be flipping they wig, but you cannot hate on that deep red patent leather.
For approximately $125, you should Get Acquainted.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Fabolous & The Dream New XXL Cover

I understand if i'm alone on this one, but I think this cover is dope.

The-Dream's Championship belt is heeeeeavy.

Shaq MMA Man in 2years?

EMBED-Shaq Wants to Fight Chuck Liddell and Hong Man Choi - Watch more free videos
Here's a clip of Shaq Diesel talking reckless about all sorts of athletes, similar to "Cant Stop The Reign 2008" with Kay Slay.
Pay attention, homie hints to retirement in 2 years, and calls out Chuck Liddell.
Chuck definitely wont be fighting in 2 years.
Way to protect yourself from that showdown big guy.


Talk of Toronto & Kamakacci bring to you the first Fly Food Affair @ Lounge, where the trendsetters & tastemakers fuse good BBQ food with heavily discounted streetwear such as 10 Deep, Crooks&Castles, Exact Science, Money etc…
The pre MuchMusicVideoAwards all day sale will feature food available from 12noon to 4pm, $5 a plate offering the finest in hot eats, cool salads & cold refreshing drinks.
Find some items you like @ Lounge? Need a crispy outfit for an MMVA party? With every purchase over $15 receive a complimentary shot of alcohol, or a beer!

Chews to be Fly @ The Fly Food Affair this Saturday June 20th, 2009.
For more information email

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Tupac Throwback Tuesday

Today, Lesane Parish Crooks, b/k/a, Tupac Amaru Shakur would have been 38.
His music undeniably lives on today, & in Hip Hop purists' circles; his name still champions amongst the greatest emcees to ever hold a mic. This post is in dedication to his life, his work, & his legacy.
Pour Out A Lil' Liquor & RIP Makaveli The Don.

Yea... i know, Throwbacks are supposed to happen on Thursday.
I missed Thursday.
Do something about it.

Friday, June 12, 2009

"She's With Me."

Ol' girl wont have an issue getting out of this one.

Your friendly Neighbouring Country President was having a town hall @ Southwest High School in Green Bay yesterday, & was asked a question about health care by John Corpus, who was accompanied by his daughter, Kennedy.
He informed Obama that his daughter was missing school to be present, so what does Mr. President do?
What any respectable President would do. He writes the pickney a note:
"To Kennedy's teacher:
Please excuse Kennedy's absence.
She's with me.
Barack Obama."


Thursday, June 4, 2009

Throwback Thursday: Finding Some Ways

This track aint that old, but it's still a throwback,& I still luv it.
Refamiliarize & enjoy.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Current Shady Climate

I'm gonna be honest. I've never been a big fan of Eminem. I recognize talent, I recognize skill, both of which he genuinely possesses. What he doesnt possess is stand alone quality. I always tell people, "he only hot on other niggas joints"(that usually comes up because of Renegade, Love Me, anything on Chronic 2001).
Let's be real, while niggas enjoy his shit too, its primarily white people that love this guy. For that displaced caucasian @ the start of the millenium when HipHop had/was cemented/ing it's place in mainstream, white boys & girls did not know how to openly rep what they liked. A legitimate skilled white rapper did the trick. He put his bum on your lips(twice), never saw an ass like that, & lost himself...a few times...& people still love dude. That was before 2009, when riding the wave of a gimmick (being white) didnt require him to really connect.

It's mid 2009, and dude is still making "hits" selling over 600k in opening week of Relapse. Sincere congrats to him, however it appears people may have gotten tired of his routine.
I'm not making this up, couldn't if I tried.
This is a excerpt from a concert goer @ the LA show w/ Jay-Z (posted below). I'm not knocking his performance skills, but it seems that people are realizing this dude's skill is above, while music is sub par. If you look back at his singles, yikes.
Read below:
"When Eminem rapped with Jay [at the launch concert for the new DJ Hero video game] , the crowd loved it," said one eyewitness. "But when he continued on his own and did songs off his new album, the energy just died. People were pumped to see him, but he wasn't interacting with his fans. His performance was mechanical, without a lot of personality, and people were pretty disappointed."

Said a second partygoer, "After Eminem finished his set, he left the stage and was waiting on the sidelines, hoping that the crowd would cheer so that he'd have to do an encore. Unfortunately for him, that didn't happen - people started to file out before his set was even done, and didn't seem to really care if he came back or not. So he didn't." -NY Daily News

This is the same sitution with G.Unit. They rode the wave, word to Biggaveli. It was all pull, barely any push when the Unit first appeared. They took over. Now that people actually have to work to promote, they dont know what the FUCK they doing. Holla @ Sha$XL... thats almost a direct quote.

Interscope is over. Defjam is over. The Bridge been over.

Seems Atlantic is the new Zion, word to Blueprint III's alleged home.

DJ Semtex & Drake Drizzy Bombaclaut LOL


Mr.TO.OnHisBack is on the other side of the pond in the UK doing an interview, being the cool, down to earth type nigga he really is.
He addresses going independent, the SOB performance, & basically gives it away that he is giving the pipe to Rihanna.

Way to go.

Jay-Z & Eminem, Live Renegade Performance

In the rarist of forms ever, the G.O.A.T. & the other guy do a live performance of Renegade. This performance apparently was lastnight in LA...
Regardless, take in 2 of the nicest on the mic doing it alongside one another.

J.Cole - Simba

The newest cosign of Hip Hop's MJ bears the same initial, followed by Cole instead of the letter Z.
Tentatively signed to Iceberg's newest independnt imprint, Roc Nation, this slim nigga is hungry, and eats the mic on this track.
J.Cole aka Young Simba go hard.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

What Ever Happened To...

...that album Q-Tip & Common were supposed to come out with? They mentioned that in '07. Hmmmm...

Procrastination is a muhhf*

Monday, June 1, 2009

I Know You Hear Our Footsteps....

...we're coming


Slaughterhouse - Move On

This has got to be one of the dopest lyrical tracks in the last...shit, i dunno.
4 superlyrical niggas in one group, one track. They bars so ill, it takes all 8 mins plus to envelop their potent product.
Turn the volume up, and take in the real.