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Friday, February 20, 2009

Classic Material.

I love to laugh. This did nothing to disappoint.
N*gga, this shit right here?? "Stylin' On You" Pt 2...

From spitting weak rhymes straight out the gate, to calling dude a "chocolate Bar n*gga", this screeeeeams "hit me".

My throat hurts from laughing.
Have a good weekend everyone, and dont end up like Tubesteak, or whatever his name is.
I'm ghost.


Monday, February 16, 2009

I'm a fan...

These are a hybrid of what looks like the Nike Zoom, and a half cab Vans. However, Vans has nothing to do with this release. Im feeling these, havent decided which one I would cop yet, but its not that easy. They were released February 13th, and are in the States only (surprise, surprise).
If you're going south of the border anytime soon, cop me the black ones just to be safe, asap n*gga.

K-os & K'naan??

I would have never known.

Friday, February 13, 2009

OBAMA INAUGURATION x KAMAKACCI INVADES WASHINGTON D.C. & The Goodfolks of Kamakacci head down with 1 Love TO to witness history in the making in the heart of Washington DC for Mr Obama's Presidential Inauguration. This was truly an amazing experience... take a look a couple of the quick shots that was taken during this memorable experience!


Australian Dust Storm

Australian dust storm is a paranormal event that only happens every so often. Watch this video now!

Monday, February 9, 2009

I never would have thought

How many of you would seriously think that Chris Brown had it in him?

Yesterday was suppose to be a big night for Chris Brown as he was suppose to open for the Grammys, instead he found himself posting bail.

Chris Brown and his "girlfriend" Rihanna apparently got into a verbal argument which led to physical violence. Earlier yesterday, they were both spotted at a Grammy Pre-Party; however, they did come separate.

Someone called 911 and when police arrived the found Rihanna "bloody and bruised."

Chris was taken to jail by his lawyer at about 7:00pm where he later was released on $50, 000.00 bail but he is still being questioned for possible battery.

I just can't believe that he would do that!!!

Talk about catching you off guard...