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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Throwback Thursday: Temptations

I feel like I posted this before, and more than likely I'll post it in the future.
Hands down one of my favourite Pac songs, next to Pain from the Above the Rim Soundtrack.
This shit is a banger, and has a slew of guest appearance.
RIP Realest nigga on the MIC.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Glenn Beck, The Republican Genius.

Apparently Barack is racist.
Apparently I can grow gills and live underwater.
Enough with the tomfoolery.
Someone take away this man's soapbox...please.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

MC Lyte - Cha Cha Cha

Cha Cha Cha (Explicit LP Version) - MC Lyte
This classic shit should be a Throwback Thursday, but I can't find the track anywhere with video for the life of me.
Enjoy b!tches.

Monday, July 27, 2009

"My cellmate is nuts. He's a killer, and he hates me. He told me that he is in prison for murder and rape, and he hates my guts because I got away with murdering my ex-wife. He's told me he is going to strangle me in my sleep the first chance he gets."


Currrrrtis Cameo on Entourage

Curtis @ his best.
King of Hip Hop Marketing passes thru and blesses the screen for a 4 line cameo on the hit television show, Entourage.
Classic Cameo.
Timeless Laugh.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Arbitrary Slapdash: Roman Ship Graveyard

ROME (Reuters) - A team of archaeologists using sonar technology to scan the seabed have discovered a "graveyard" of five pristine ancient Roman shipwrecks off the small Italian island of Ventotene.
The trading vessels, dating from the first century BC to the fifth century AD, lie more than 100 meters underwater and are amongst the deepest wrecks discovered in the Mediterranean in recent years, the researchers said on Thursday.
Part of an archipelago situated halfway between Rome and Naples on Italy's west coast, Ventotene historically served as a place of shelter during rough weather in the Tyrrhenian Sea.
"The ships appear to have been heading for safe anchorage, but they never made it," said Timmy Gambin, head of archaeology for the Aurora Trust ( "So in a relatively small area we have five wrecks...a graveyard of ships."
The vessels were transporting wine from Italy, prized fish sauce from Spain and north Africa, and a mysterious cargo of metal ingots from Italy, possibly to be used in the construction of statues or weaponry.
Gambin said the wrecks revealed a pattern of trade in the empire: at first Rome exported its produce to its expanding provinces, but gradually it began to import from them more and more of the things it once produced.
In Roman times Ventotene, known as Pandataria, was used to exile disgraced Roman noblewomen. The Emperor Augustus sent his daughter Julia there because of her adultery. During the 20th century, Italian dictator Benito Mussolini used the remote island as a prison for political opponents.
Images of the wrecks show their crustacean-clad cargoes spilling onto the seafloor, after marine worms ate away the wooden hull of the vessels.
Due to their depth, the ships have lain untouched for hundreds of years but Gambin said the increasing popularity of deep water diving posed a threat to the Mediterranean's archaeological treasures.

"There is a race against time," he said. "In the next 10 years, there will be an explosion in mixed-gas diving and these sites will be accessible to ordinary treasure hunters."
(Reporting by Daniel Flynn; Editing by Jon Boyle)

This was jacked from:

Let the randomness begin...

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Superhead Catches an "L"

The dude did start off on the wrong foot with her, but ended on the right one placing the book squarely under his buttocks.


Throwback Thursday: New York, New York

This track is large, and considering I intend to go to this city in the near future, I thought it was fitting.

It's like New York been soft ever since Snoop came thru & crushed the buildings...

Monday, July 20, 2009

Talk of Toronto x Kamakacci In MTL

So 2 weeks ago, a couple people ran up northeast sides to the land of the Grenouilles to enjoy MTL Carnival & The Jazz Festival.
The nonsense was endless, the stories, timeless.
There was a spot named Rialto that was alll Toronto people...I swear I didnt leave my city.
Here is a brief look into my trip via pix of King & my Cohorts.

Friday, July 17, 2009

No I.D. Speaks on Making "D.O.A."

Apparently Kanye started catching feelings after he suggested the idea of Jay going in on "everything that is wack in hip hop".
I guess he didnt know although he is a great artist, some shit that nigga do is supremely questionable.


Thursday, July 16, 2009

Throwback Thursday: Let Her Ride

I been bumping the f************ck outta this track all week. I dont know where it came from, or how it got stuck in my head so, but here it is.
Another video that is a decendant of MikeJack with the elongated acting and drama at the beginning, it kills me when Dre asks the lovely young bird to answer the phone. He knows damn well its on the same table his Corn Flakes are on, directly in front of him.
What an ass.

Chapelle Show...but not really.

Dave Chappelle at Pioneer Square

This is insane.
Expecting only a crowd of 200 people, Dave Chapelle attempted an impromptu show in Portland to perhaps get his feet wet in the comedy game again.
Needless to say, worth of mouth is the best form of advertisment, and voila : 4000 PEOPLE SHOW UP.
The show was scheduled for 1am at Pioneer Square, but was cancelled due to the Square not being able to facilitate the turnout.

The most talented are always a little weird.
Word to Nas.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Jay-Z vs. 50 Cent on 09/11/09: Quality or Quantity?

September 11th 2001.
The historic date that saw the rise & fall of NY, in two very separate ways.
Bush knocked down the towers that day, Jay's stock rose to unprecedented heights with his multiplatinum release, The Blueprint.
Fastforward to 2009, and the game is fucked up. Specifically 50's game. Noticing Lil' Wayne's multiple album push backs, yet heavy first week numbers of The Carter III, it appears that Curtis is determined to do the same. Following Weezy's blueprint of push backs, it almost appears that he was waiting for something, or someone.
Enter Hovito...
Above pic from "Heart of The City" Tour afterparty in Toronto @ Lobby
Sept 11 2009 is the date set for the highly anticipated Bluprint III album, and what better way to get a buzz, than piggyback off HipHop's top cheese? He's done it before, and lost, to Kanye West with his subpar album, Curtis.
What's really blowing me away tho, is his need for conflict. His need for competition. It's not good enough to compete with himself, a battle he has been losing with every follow up album after Get Rich, Or Die Trying; but he must find another Roc member to go head to head with.
Lets be real, 50 has put up monster-like numbers in the past, and Jay never really even makes #1 singles, but always has approx 10 #1 albums (based on release date, week ending sales).
If Iceberg Slim was to lose to Ferrari F-50, it would be a massive shot to Jay's ego, but whos counting? Who reeeeally is counting? Better yet, what really counts?
Quality or Quantity?

In the end, 50 said he'd retire if he lost to Kanye...and initially he did lose. However worldwide sales go to 50, and he sold more overall. Perhaps thats the loophole that has kept his from sticking to his word.
I emplore the reader to stop killing hip hop by watching the numbers. Watch the classics. Watch the mood music, word to Buddens. What music is timeless, what music has depth, what music has a relevant story to tell. It could very well be 50.
I wouldn't bet on that though.
I've heard 50 stans say that the reason Kanye had bigger 1st week numbers is because people want to hate on 50, and are destined to see him fail. This made them go out and support Kanye. Nigga, you right.
With that being said, do you think anything will be different this time? Do you think the public's perception of 50 has become more favourable? Do you think more people like 50 than Jay?
IF perceptions & opinions haven't changed, the outcome shouldn't either.
He previously (Top of '09) mentioned he was going to piggyback the wave that was Eminem's album., dropping right after. Didn't happen. Instead he found a new wave to piggyback, & this one bears the same familiar stripes of controversy. He came in the game being addressed by Hov @ Summerjam, lets see what the exit looks like.

MikeJack '84 Pepsi Hair Fire Incident: Released by US Magazine

This is footage release recently of Michael Jackson's Pepsi Commercial from 1984. On the 6th take of the commercial, the pyro went off early, engulfing his head in flames for longer than anticipated.


Monday, July 13, 2009

Friday, July 10, 2009

Autotune's Revenge

I have no idea what this is.
I dont know what I have just witnessed.
Apparently you cannot diss Autotune & get away with it.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Bill O'Reilly Vs. Rev Al Sharpton

You know that villian you love to hate? Like the Joker, like Spencer from the Hills.
This dude Bill O'Reilly is no different. I dont know if niggas are gonna hate on me, but I WILL watch his show, just to hear the ignorance that comes from this dudes mouth. His shit gets me reiled up... lets me know that CNN aint the only around presenting an opinion, regardless how solid or flimsy the case may be.
Here he is talking slick about Mike Jack after his passing, about how he is not an icon, and the fact that he has white kids makes him less of an icon to Black culture.

Newsflash Bill: You're white. You dont understand, nor are you trying to.

Lord Have Mercy... peep the vid.

I Been Thinking About Ruling the World Recently...

Which led me to this weeks gem, "If I Ruled The World" by the little homie Nazzz. lol.
I got mad love for this dude, and this is taking it back to the essence. In my opinion, these Throwback joints are a must, as Kay Slay, Funk Flex & Mr. Cee are all stuck in that 90s era of hip hop.
There's a reason for it.
Those niggas made classics.

This shit aint no different.
Sit back and get refamiliarized. <----i dont think thats a real word

Talk of Toronto x Kamakacci In MTL

Montreal was on some sheeeit this past weekend... and so were we.
Pictures and video coming sooooooon.