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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Throwback Thursday:Superlifted Edition

The original...not that watered down version from The Blackout Album.
People been questioning Meth as of late.
Observe a classic.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Qualified? Not really

Hilarity Never Fails.
This DEA officer is doing a Glock 40 demo for people in the class (there are children present).
He says the piece isn't loaded.

Monday, May 25, 2009

The Hits Keep Coming...

Inside This clip I Died.

When Sonic The Hedgehog, aka Charles Hamilton(you know, the lyrical oddball with Pink Pather accosting his arm?), rolls without Tails, it seems Knuckles makes sure to get at him.

Homegirl, definitely an ex or previous jumpoff, takes offence to some of his lines, and makes sure her knuckles inform his jaw that they shouldnt be talkin that shit.

Please take notice to how dude curls his lip after his jaw gets tapped, thinking it could be bleeding.

Absolute Hilarity.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Cigar Music

Maybach music for reeeeeal...
@ The 2:47 mark, "Baby after I kill the p*ssy, We can hold a candlelight vigil."

Beat goes harder than Kanye & Khaled.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Throwback Thursday

This is something that will be occuring every Thursday from here on out.
I know its Sunday.
So what?
The idea came to me now...shut the f* up.

They down with me. Beleedat.

Recollect & Reflect. I AM KING.

In the mindspace of the below post of Reflection Eternal, I was visiting some fellow bloggers websites from the Dot, and among the many imperfections I think I have with this blog (humility is good for the soul, right?) I have decided to get a lil more personal with what I say, and share.

So what do you y'all niggas wanna hear? Wanna hear how much money I say Person X blow at the club lastnight?
Wanna hear about the funny things I say to b*tches and for some reason they still stick around?
Wanna hear about new projects I have coming down the pipe, along with random tales of backanal and debauchery, coupled with real events and the emotions they evoke?

Allow me to re-introduce myself, my name is King, Mr. King. I been around the "industry" scene for a lil while now, as THE most known unknown. I love it. I dont want my name in lights, nor crave the inability to not walk the streets of the Dot without my screaming fans acosting me while I check my dude Taurean @ the Adidas store on Queen, or pass thru my second home, Lounge Clothing, across the street from MuchMusic (155 John St.).
Fans? Yea, I dont have any. I do have groupies
Thats neither here nor there.
Im a simple dude that attempts to enjoy life, and the people in it. More often than not I feel alone, because there is one thing that is a constant for any and everyone: Born Alone, Die Alone.
Its imperative you build yourself to stand on your own. I been saying that for quite some time, and I think when I say it to people, they think I'm dark and morbid.
Thats not it. I'm realistic.
There are few niggas that will go to bat for you. Ive had love, friends, and money. I've also lost all of the aforementioned three to one degree or another.
Because of this, i shy away from attention, it only makes your descent to obscurity that much more sour. Holla @ Mike Jack & Dame Dash.
In the last year or two, I have forged many great relationships with people I think are stand up individuals. My homegirl Deets is a down ass bitch. My dude Breazie has difficulty answering his phone, but he's a dude that I connect with, and enjoy building with. He a good nigga. Sir Lancelot, the brother I never had is someone that resides in my heart. I wish him nothing but the best. Those are 3 people that show me love, and I do nothing but reciprocate that.


Vola Lounge Tonight for Hot Fudge Sundae.

Talib Kweli & DJ Hi-Tek = Reflection Eternal

This is some real hip hop to bless your eardrums with - looooovely sample.


Inside this Clip I Died... Pt. 2

My niggie, Keegan Da'niro, does an ill dance like she does before she "get's it on the floor" like DMX & Swizzy.
The move is very James Brown-esque, especially the second time she falls.

Inside this clip, I died of laughter, encouraged by the fact the professional news anchors couldn't even keep it together.

Holler @ somebody with twinkletoes...